Introduction to the Center for Communication Technology

Course Overview
This course will give students an introduction to Journalism, Mass Media, and Digital Media Arts. The course will also provide the computer skills necessary for the various productions and publications at TJ. Material to be covered includes but is not limited to: desktop publishing, graphics, video and audio editing, web design, programming, robotics, 3D animation, technical writing, and formal and informal presentations. Students must complete a portfolio based on coursework, and obtain the instructor recommendations in order to be considered for further classes in the CCT program.

Intro to CCT Syllabus and Requirements Action item! You and your parent/guardian must open this and electronically sign/acknowledge critical information.

Makeup Assignments: Due to the nature of the program, all work will need to be done in the CCT labs. Students will need to access the assignments from school upon their return, and make arrangements for extra lab time.

CCTM Code of Conduct

Class Links
DPS Google Access - Note: your username is your 6-digit student ID, your password is your 8-digit birthday
SchoolNet Access


Coursework Links
Intro to CCT Final Evaluation



CCT Portfolio Template
CCT Portfolio Instructions