Source: The Denver Post
Sunday, September 7, 2014

1. (1A) All told, the floods of September, 2013, caused $2.98 in damage. Describe the damage.

2. (2A) Why are many residents of the Kaohe Homesteads preparing to evacuate?

3. (5A) Le Tricorne is a painting by the world famous Pablo Picasso. What does the painting show?

4. (1B) What special device was Commander Megan Dodge wearing at a recent news conference with Police Chief Robert White?

5. (2B) What is the current Guinness World Record for the longest chalk drawing?

6. (6CC) What is the topic of the article "Baseball Needs Wait Loss?"

7. (2D) What does Maggie McCann Pike suggest in her letter to the editor?

8. (1E) What does Sarah Silverman do for a living?

9. (13E) What location is featured in this week's "Paper Trails?"

10. (1K-12K) What is the Knee Defender, and why is it in the news?