NOTE: All CCT students are required to have a blog, but you only need one. Do not create numerous blogs; I will explain below how to create a new category for each of your CCT classes.

TO CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT at, complete the following:
  1. Open the following in a browser window:
  2. Click “Get started here” button on left side of screen.
  3. For the page titled “Get your own account in seconds”, complete as follows:
  4. Blog Address: cctfirstnamelastname for example: cctjoeschlabotnik ( will be added to your blog address)
  5. Username: cctfirstnamelastname for example: cctjoeschlabotnik
  6. Password: create your own password (something you will remember!)
  7. E-mail address: use your own e-mail address
  8. Email the following information to Ms. Adair at blog address, username, password (I will keep these on file in case you ever forget them)
  9. You need to open your email, and activate your account by following the instructions in the email from

TO FORMAT YOUR THEME: (we will cover this - and every step beyond - in class if you would prefer to wait...otherwise, forge on ahead!)
All CCT students must use the same theme (we will allow personal customization later, be we all want to start with the same infrastructure):
  1. Log into your account by going to your site and clicking on <Log In> under <Meta> on the right side navigation bar.
  2. Under the <Dashboard> menu on the left, click on <Appearance>
  3. Our theme is called <Twenty Ten>. Sometimes this is the default theme that Wordpress will automatically load. If this is not the case for you, use the <Browse Themes> or the <Search> to find <Twenty Ten>, and click on <Activate>.
  4. Click on <Dashboard> on the left navigation menu
  5. Click on <Settings>
  6. Under <Site Title> type: Firstname Lastname CCT Web Log (example: Joe Schlabotnik's CCT Web Log)
  7. Under <Tag Line> type: Center for Communication Technology at Thomas Jefferson High School
  8. Click on <Save Changes> and then click on the link to your blog at the top of that page to preview your blog. It should look something like this:

  1. On the <Dashboard> menu, click on <Appearance>
  2. Under <Appearance> click on <Themes>
  3. Next to the <Twenty Ten> theme, click on <Options> <Header>
  4. If you want to use one of the default images, choose one of the images shown below.
  5. If you want to use one of your own images (like I did), click on <Browse> in the <Upload Image> section.
  6. Locate an image from your hard drive, and click on <Upload>
  7. When you upload is complete, you will be given the chance to crop they photo
  8. When finished, click on <Crop and Upload>
  9. You can do multiple photos and change them periodically. (Have fun with this, but keep the photos appropriate.)

  1. From your <Dashboard> menu, click on <Posts>
  2. Under <Posts> click on <Add New>. This will open your Wordpress publishing workspace.
  3. Type in an assignment name in the empty box under <Add New Post>.
  4. In the large text block under the formatting pallet, type the content of your post (later I will cover how to format your text, add photos, add graphics, add links, and many more cool things.
  5. When you are done with the body of your text, scroll down and find <Categories> on the right side. Click on <Add New Category> below. NOTE: You only have to do this once for each new category (one for each of your CCT classes). Later I will show you how to make sub categories for specific types of assignments for each class.
  6. After you create a new category, from now on you can just check that specific category box on the <Category> menu.