Online Denver Post Article Expansion Exercise

Objective: Through web research, expand and improve upon one article by adding portions of three other articles on the same topic, that improve the content of the original by providing a greater variety of subject matter. The big idea is to use a greater number of sources to create a more informative article for your audience.

Choose a feature length article from the Denver Post on-line that you find interesting.

(check out this example link first):

Once you’ve chosen your own article, read the article through very carefully, taking notes on the key topics covered.

  1. Copy and paste the article into a new Wordpress blog post, and call it Online Denver Post Article Expansion (include the headline, the photo, and the byline).
  2. Search the web for three other reliable sources on the same topic (think about where else you would go to get similar news).
  3. Copy and paste portions of those three other articles into the original article – where they fit appropriately - that improve the content and scope of the original article.
  4. The original article font should remain black; the second article source should be in red; the third in blue; the fourth in green.
  5. After adding the new sections, review and revise the article so that there is a natural flow of information (add transitions and new paragraphs where necessary).
  6. At the end of the revised article, please cite the sources (with links) for all three articles (and keep them color coded, so that I know which source each part of the article is from).
  7. Next week we will discuss how to properly cite those sources within the text of the original, as you would if you were writing this for publication.
  8. Now compare the original article with your new expanded version and determine whether you have better served the intended audience. Write 5-7 original sentences at the end of your document (separate from the enhanced article) and describe this exercise: what did you learn? How did you improve the original article? What was difficult? (and any other questions or comments)