The focus of this class will be learning the basic elements of journalism. Journalism is creative, cutting edge and fun. It is storytelling and is important to our culture. This class will get you writing quickly and confidently. You will learn to interview, research, and organize. You will work independently as well as in groups. You will be expected to turn in quality work on time. You will read from newspapers and magazines, discuss important stories, and debate various editorial positions. You will learn to proofread, edit, and critique the work of your peers. Finally you will take all that you have learned and apply it to the task of creating and publishing the Jeffersonian magazine.

Course Documents

Absolutely every current freshman must choose two sophomore level CCT courses (plus one alternate choice in case of conflicts).

For current Sophomores and Juniors who want to take DECA, JROTC, Music, or some other elective that is of paramount importance in their lives, make a note of that to your counselor in the "Note to Counselor" box on the form; but, you must still make the two regular plus the alternate CCT choices.

Finally - at bare minimum - to receive a Center for Computer Technology certificate at graduation, you must complete at least one full strand (i.e., Communications Central, 3-D Design, Web Applications, Software Engineering), and to do so, you must take at least one class in that strand each year.

The choices can be accessed here:
Choice of Studies