Introduction to the Center for Communication Technology

This course will give students an introduction to Journalism, Mass Media, and Digital Media Arts. The course will also provide the computer skills necessary for the various productions and publications at TJ. Material to be covered includes but is not limited to: desktop publishing, graphics, video and audio editing, web design, programming, 3D animation, and technical writing.

Course Documents

Absolutely every current freshman must choose two sophomore level CCT courses (plus one alternate choice in case of conflicts).

For current Sophomores and Juniors who want to take DECA, JROTC, Music, or some other elective that is of paramount importance in their lives, make a note of that to your counselor in the "Note to Counselor" box on the form; but, you must still make the two regular plus the alternate CCT choices.

Finally - at bare minimum - to receive a Center for Computer Technology certificate at graduation, you must complete at least one full strand (i.e., Communications Central, 3-D Design, Web Applications, Software Engineering), and to do so, you must take at least one class in that strand each year.

The choices can be accessed here:
Choice of Studies

September 16 – Me Magazine Reflection

Written requirements: Use Microsoft Word to write a critique of your “Me Mag” project so far. Your reflection should demonstrate proper writing structure and grammar. You should address the following:

Time Management:
Up until now, how efficiently have you been using class time to complete the project?
Knowing that your last “Me Mag” workday will be Tuesday (Sept. 21), and grades close Friday (Sept. 24), how will you ensure that your project is completed on time?

How do you know you met the expectation goal for this project?
Knowing that a sampling of your classwork will be posted on your very own web profile at the end of the year, do you feel that your Me Mag is worthy of being published? Explain.

Learned Skills:
What have you learned in our Desktop Publishing unit?

Self Evaluation:
Now that you’ve nearly survived your first 6 weeks of the Computer Magnet, and considering your classwork, focus, and time management skills, what grade do you believe you have earned and why?

FINISHED? Please save your work in the LAMAN dropbox as “per_yourlastname_reflection.” When you have submitted this response, please get back to work on polishing your Me Mag! Don’t forget to have fun.